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22 Jul 2023


24 Apr 2008



IT FT Ch. Pixie Dixie and Jinks The Cat

(FTWinner Kenmillix Seasonal Spirit x FTWinner Royal Crest Gold-n Last Shot)

"Rumba", she was a tireless bitch, very powerful, a great hunter with an excellent nose. Definitely would delight any hunter because she could be used both to flush the game, (she was extremely correct on live birds), and to retrieve. She didn't fear any kind of grounds, rather, it was a pleasure to see her in action in the worst kind of brambles. Her being “brilliant” like a genious,sometimes unfortunately, did not helped us in the competition, but when she gave the best of herself, was a joy to have her on my heel and see her solving the most difficult situations! "Rumba" did spend her old age with my friend Barbara, to whom I will be eternally grateful for taking care of her.

  • Italian FT Champion

  • WT Open Award Winner

  • Excellent in Show

Competition results

  • BVA HD 3:3 

  • BVA ED 0:0 

  • Eyes Clear 

  • GR_PRA1 - GR_PRA2 clear

Health results

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