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IGL Championship 2019


Honestly I have no more words for this dog, because with him everything that was only in dreams became reality, because I ran out of adjectives for him. I have no more words for this “dream team Chance/Nathan.” Yes, because that's exactly what it's about: a great dog with a great handler/trainer: one thing cannot do without the other! Because a great dog without a great handler is nothing; because a great handler without a great dog is nothing.

First ran of the season for "Chance", first win. Championship here we come again !!!!! For the 4th year in a row (2019-2021-2022-2023) Nathan Laffy’s GBFTCH Think Twice Zero to Hero is qualified! This dog makes history of the breed!!

The Results of The Bristol and West Working Gundog Society’s 2-day Open AV Retriever Stake held at the Checkley Wood Shoot on 25/26th September 2023.

2nd & Guns choice David Latham with Ft Ch Fendawood Harold

3rd Louise Munchaus Adsboel with Ft Ch Skovagers Six Mile Woodcock

4th Janne Wiberg with Miss Bossing Master of the House

COM Jason Mayhew with Ft Ch Berryshot Bernie

Well done all in the awards, specially Jason, Anna Mayhew

P.S. on the day of the first anniversary, thank you Reema


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