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IGL Championship 2019

25.10.2023 Golden Retriever Club Scotland, 1 day Open AV

Well done Billy and Pieter!!!

Photos and text credit to Sarah Winter.

Thanks Sarah for the wonderful three days trials, you did an amazing job!

25.10.2023 Golden Retriever Club Scotland, 1 day Open (AV) held at Drummond by kind permission of the Drummond estate and Keeper, Gary Ford. Judges were Mr Les McLean, Mrs Erica Munro-Ferguson, Mr John MacColl and Mr Roger Meldrum

Another day on some wonderful terrain really did test the dogs today. We saw some very good dog work with eight remaining at the end of the second round. A couple of tricky retrieves took five dogs down towards the duck pond.

Results: 1st - Buccleuch Favour (LB) - John Halsted 2nd - Tannachy Mike's Boy Of Auchencloch (LD)- Lewis MacNeill. 3rd and Guns’ Choice Think Twice One Man Show (GRD) - Pieter Vivijs 4th - Liver Croft Northern Light (LD) - Jim Munro COM - Cheesecake Artillery (LD) - owned by the Duchess of Devonshire and handled by John Halsted

A big thank you to another great team of guns headed up by Ian Lahoar. Huge thanks to the Gary for looking after us up so well, the judges for your time today and a special thank you to Melva and Laura, who kept the dogs flowing in to the middle and the gallery in order.

That’s a wrap from the GRC Scotland for 2023. Well done to all the award winners in our events this year. Thank you to all the competitors who have supported the club with their entries. Thank you to all the estates and keepers who have allowed us to venture onto their ground. Thank you to all the judges for your time to the people who have given up their day to come along and help Good luck to you all in the forthcoming season.


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