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IGL Championship 2019

15.04.2023 WT in Kluisbergen

A very good day at the office for the gang. Let's start with the youngsters. Rooney had also is "debut in society" with style, becoming 4th with 85/100 points in Beginner class, and now he has the mandatory points to enter trials in Belgium.

Same goal achieved last week by Keen, who was ran by Pieter in Novice today, while I was busy with Rooney in Beginner. He did not betrayed our expectations, performing very well in this higher class, but the retrieve of a glove with biscuits from the helper 🙄😁🤣 .(....actually from the same area....,) cost him a 0, and brought him down to 74/100. Pieter ran also the Open with two dogs, Billy who did well with a 6th place with 86/100 points, but cherry on cake, was Shelby who performed perfectly and gained a 2nd place with 93/100 points.

Last but not least, well done to John De Zutter running Aida and behind placed 6th in Beginner.

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