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7 Jan 2014



Think Twice Lady Godiva

(Int & IT Dual Ch, Multi Ch. Wigglin' Jigglin' Cupcakes x Think Twice Cayenne)

“Diva” is definitely an extremely important piece of my breeding. Daughter of “Bart” (Int Dual Ch Multi Ch Wigglin’ Jigglin’ Cupcakes) and “Cayenne" (Think Twice Cayenne), two dogs who perfectly express my ideal Golden Retriever. Dogs with a very balanced character, perfect companions for the family, but at the same time a lot of willingness and desire to work, very far from that Golden Retriever that is a bit fashionable nowadays, perfect sofa dog, without vitality and without the spirit to please. “Diva” perhaps marked the end of the era; she is Bart's last offspring, but she opened another one. She has produced my fantastic “Cider”(Think Twice Practice Makes Perfect), who fully expresses the concept of a Dual Purpose Golden Retriever, and other fantastic dogs like "George" (Think Twice Tambourine Man at Dunehills) and "Gina" (Think Twice Three Steps to Heaven).

Competition results

  • BVA HD 4:3 

  • BVA ED 0:0  

  • GR_PRA1 - GR_PRA2 clear by parentage

  • ICT clear

Health results

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