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31 May 2011



Think Twice Cayenne

(Multi Ch. Chinnordale Skydiver x FTWinner Royal Crest Gold-n Last Shot)

"Cayenne" is a GOLDEN in the true sense of this word. In the house she’s wonderful, respectful and quiet as a cat ... but in the same time, so smart and clever when working. She has to blindly trust her handler, then yes! brings out the best of herself. Dummies are a “must”, but “hunting” is a true passion! Hunting is in her gene. She naturally retrieves any kind of game, she never doubted once and always delivered to hand. When hunting she is stubborn, willing and tireless, with a great nose! I would not want anyone else by my side when picking up! These characteristics make her a perfect companion when shooting and among my best picking up dogs, allowing me to obtain results in Field Trial since the first competition we ran. Also in Working Test, we got several awards not only in the Beginner class, but also in Novice and Intermediate. Many satisfactions arrived also from the Shows, winning several CAC, BOS, but most importantly “Cayenne”was awarded Best Dual Purpose Golden Retriever Show & Work at the Club Show in Cervia (IT) in 2015, under the expert judge Fiona Clarckson (UK). "Cayenne" is spending her old age with my friend Roby, to whom I will be eternally grateful for taking care of her.

  • 2 x CAC Winner

  • 1 x BOS Winner

  • Best Dual Purpose Golden Show&Work 2015

  • FT Novice Award Winner

  • WT Intermediate Award Winner

Competition results

  • BVA HD 5:3 

  • BVA ED 0:0  

  • Eyes Clear + Gonio clear 

  • GR_PRA1 - GR_PRA2 clear

  • ICT carrier

Health results

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