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12 Jul 2009


25 Nov 1999



Royal Crest Gold-n Hark The Herald Angels

(Alveston Turbulent x Royal Crest Gold-N Moviestar)

"Twister" has not been shown too much; she did not enjoy it very much! She preferred the be part of the pack in our picking up days! But despite this, she has got excellent awards in show, as well as being qualified in field trial. Twister was the best brood bitch that I could have wished as foundation of my breeding. I will always be grateful to Colorado (Royal Crest Gold-n Kennel) for giving me the opportunity to have such a balanced and full of qualities bitch. Luckily, her soul remains alive in her offspring, and I hope it will be that way for many generations.

Competition results

  • BVA HD 3:6 

  • BVA ED 0:0 

  • Eyes Clear

Health results

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