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25 Sept 2022


5 Mar 2012



Int & IT FT Ch. Think Twice Go Get It

(Souter Fennel x IT FT Ch. Pixie Dixie and Jinks the Cat)

“Reema": Typical working lines golden,super fast and always on the whistle. It is a pleasure to handle and have her on my heel. A true golden retriever, exactly what I like. A true friend,a sincere and affectionate partner. A dog with which you always feel safe, on trials as on shooting days. 

In 2018 with her, Int FT Ch & It Ft Ch THINK TWICE GO GET IT, after a fantastic season, which sees her being the best AV field trial dog in Italy for the 2017/2018 trialling season, we won the Italian Championship, first time ever for a Golden Retriever, after the best placement for the breed thanks to "Diesel", uncle of "Reema", some years earlier, becoming second. Thanks to these results, I was very proud to represent my country at the EC (European Championship) in Denmark, the second time for me with a dog bred, trained and handled by me. 

"Reema" has undoubtedly played a fundamental role in the history of my breeding. From her first litter with Int & IT FT Ch. Birdsgreen Simply Flint, she produced two FT Ch, Think Twice Some Other Time and Think Twice Something More. 

She is the mother of the first Golden Retriever ever bred in the Continent to became GB FT Champion, Think Twice Zero to Hero, “Chance”, born from her second litter with FTWinner Kaliture Finn.

From her third and last litter with Kessgold Shetland of Staverton, is "Billy", Think Twice One Man Show, who, when he was less than 3 yrs of age, won a Novice in UK, 2nd at the 2 day open breed stake in UK in October 2022, won a CACIT and a ResCACIT in the Continent in November 2022, and when he just turned 4, he became INT FT Ch. 

  • Italian Championship Winner 2017

  • International FT Champion

  • Italian FT Champion

  • QUALIFIED Italian Retriever Championship 2016

  • QUALIFIED EC (European Championship) in Denmark 2018

  • 1 x COM two days open breed stake in UK

  • 2 x CACIT

  • 2 x RisCACIT

  • 3 x CAC

  • 4 x RisCAC

  • 12 x Exc

  • 6 x Very Good

  • 1 x Good

Excellent in show

Competition results

  • BVA HD 3:3

  • BVA ED 0:0

  • Eyes Clear + Gonio clear 

  • GR_PRA1 clear

  • GR_PRA2 clear

Health results

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