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30 Oct 2017



Think Twice Behind The Enemy Lines

(Vice ICC 2014 Winner, Int & IT FT Ch. The Road Runner x Think Twice Someday Somewhere Somehow)

"Holly" came  back to my kennel when she was almost two years old. The most important period for the learning had already passed, and therefore we decided not to proceed with the training, but to offer her an amazing life as she deserved. On the other hand, her working qualities are guaranteed by her prestigious pedigree, and by her only female litter sister, "Maple" who at less than two years of age had already given me great satisfaction in trials in  UK. "Holly" therefore has always lived with Federica and Alessandro, also in the company of our old lady "Jacqui" and the beagle "Rudolph". I could not have wished for a better family for my dogs.

Competition results

  • FCI HD : C

  • FCI ED 0:0

  • ECVO Eyes Clear + Gonio clear 

  • Prcd_PRA: clear

  • GR_PRA1 - GR_PRA2 :clear

  • Neuronal Ceroid lipofuscinosis (NCL): clear

  • Muscolar Dystrophy (GRMD): clear

  • Ichthyosis (ICT): carrier

Health results

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