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7 Dec 2020



Think Twice Typhoon

(Athollridge Gael x Think Twice Knockin'on Heaven's Door)

"Inca" was born from the last litter of my adored "Jacqui", who is without a shadow of a doubt my best my best brod bitch, in fact she is the mother of "Carrie" (Int &B FT Ch, 2 x Belgian Championship Winner Think Twice Uh La La La) and "Ringo" (Int FT Ch. Think Twice Ecce Homo). 

Since she was a puppy she has shown great hunting avidity, great style and drive, no fear of any type of terrain. Unfortunately, our sport does not allow us to compete with multiple dogs at the same time, as our competitions are only open to a limited number of participants. For this reason, sometimes you find yourself forced to make choices, and often being a girl (because of heats and pregnancies) doesn't help. 

However, we hope that in the future there will be the possibility of competing also with "Inca", who at the moment has proved to be an excellent member of our picking up team. 

Competition results

  • BVA HD 7:7

  • BVA ED 0:0

  • ECVO Eyes Clear + Gonio clear 

  • Prcd_PRA: clear

  • GR_PRA1 - GR_PRA2 :clear

  • Neuronal Ceroid lipofuscinosis (NCL): clear

  • Muscolar Dystrophy (GRMD): clear

  • Ichthyosis (ICT): clear

Health results

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