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Frozen Semen Available

7 Mar 2018



Int FT Ch. Think Twice Ecce Homo

(FTW Gatekeeper Boycie Del Hartleyjean x Think Twice Knockin'on Heaven's Door)

"Ringo" is definitely one of the easiest dogs I've ever trained. Since he was a puppy he immediately proved to be very clear in his mind, receptive and very willing to collaborate. His desire to please me, made him a perfect trial dog for me; he never questions my requests, always ready to execute commands, a dog that gives you great serenity when he is by your side.

Probably the best marker (especially on memory marks) I ever had, fantastic lines and a great ability to find game. All these qualities allowed "Ringo" to become International FT Champion in his first trial season, when he was not yet 4 years old. And this was proof of his talents; in fact the previous year, when everyone has been stopped by COVID, it certainly penalized young dogs in terms of experience. 

Another dowry is certainly that of being a very consistent dog not only on game, but also on dummies, obtaining many awards in Open class, among which, certainly the most important was being a member of the Belgian Team which won the IWT (International Working Test) in 2022. Since September 2022 "Ringo" has been with our friends Andrea and Rick McConico (Old Oak Kennel) in the USA, with whom we have  a good collaboration for years. Frozen semen still available in Italy and Belgium. 

  • Int FT Ch.

  • member of the IWT 2022 Winning Team (Belgium)

  • Multi WT Awards Winner 

  • Excellent in show

Competition results

  • BVA HD 8:8 

  • BVA ED 0:0

  • ECVO Eyes Clear + Gonio clear

  • FSA Heart free

  • Prcd_PRA clear

  • GR_PRA1 - GR_PRA2 clear

  • Neuronal Ceroid lipofuscinosis (NCL) clear

  • Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI) clear

  • Epidermolysis bullosa dystrophic  (RDEB) clear

  • Degenerative Myelopathy (DM) clear

  • Muscolar Dystrophy (GRMD) clear

  • Ichthyosis (ICT) carrier

Health results

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