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3 Oct 2022



Think Twice Voice Your Choice

(Tamniarn Top O'the Morning x Think Twice Practice Makes Perfect)

"Mason" is owned by Esther Remeijer (NL);  here below how she describes him:

Mason, my little friend from the start. Mason is very sweet, social and adapts very easily. He likes everything and everyone very much. Every walk or outing is a celebration for him. His tail is always on. Recently we started hunting training and that is going well. Mason has a great will to please. It is very nice to see him develop both in the field of hunting and at the show, where he also does very well.

I look forward to all the new memories I will make with him.

  • 22.01.2023 GRC of The Nederland Open show, 2nd Very Promising, puppy class, judge Karolina Pastusiak (P)

  • 04.03.2023 Martinidogshow, 1 Promising, puppy class, judge Enrique Mate Duran (ES)

  • 10.04.2023 GRCB Junior/Veteran, 1 Very Promising, puppy class, judge Rikke Ladefoged Wind (DK)

  • 02.07.2023 Golden Retriever Championship Show GRV in Arnhem (NL). 2nd Very Promising, puppy class, judge Catherine Zingg (GB)

  • 19.08.2023 SRA Gelsenkirchen (DE), 4th Excellent, Junior class, judge Beate Ting (DE)

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