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21 Mar 2021



FTWinner Think Twice Utopia

(Carishill Malvolio Of Tawnyhill x FTWinner Think Twice Beyond the Shadow of Doubt)

"Kerol" is owned, trained and handled by dear friend Andrea in Italy, which says about her: she is a strong and healthy bitch. Always enthusiastic at every moment of the day: she brings  happiness to all the people she meets. She is calm, docile and patient when at home and with the family, but at same time she's very collaborative, attentive and focused when on the fields. She is tenacious and eager to learn to satisfy her handler. It's a pleasure to work with her.

For more infos about "Kerol" contact:

Andrea Bernardi, Bologna, Italy 

+39 347 2727104

Field Trials

  • 18.11.2023 Gun's Choice, FT Novice Capolona, Toscana, Italy

  • 08-12-2023 3rd place, FT Novice Aggius, Sardegna, Italy

  • 09-12-2023 Winner and CAC, FT Novice Aggius, Sardegna, Italy


  • 25.2.2024 3rd place, WT OPEN, Viterbo, Italy

  • 05.05.2024 3rd place, WT OPEN, Masserano, Italy

Competition results

  • FCI HD : A

  • FCI ED : BL

  • eyes clear

  • prcd_PRA clear by parentage

  • GR_PRA2 clear by parentage

Health results

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